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[08:44:34] (698) GM's Friend (enter): 20:44
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Roleplay Refugees

Roleplay Refugees was founded by a group of roleplayers.   The name was chosen due to the foundation and evolution from Web RPG.  When Web RPG went pay-to-play a series of years back, many of us lost a home forever.   That home was never again replaced with any specific program.  We needed something to tie us together still, and keep the games going.   That is what the Roleplay Refugees forum was designed for.   I'm willing to host dedicated rooms for people up to a specific undefined maximum.   If you wish to host your game on our server, you may do so without feeling the need to ask.   If you wish to lurk or play on our server, you may do so as well.  Enjoy.

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[08:44:35] (695) Drax (enter): 20:44
[08:44:52] Moving to room 'Streetfighter'..
[08:44:52] (698) GM's Friend (enter): 20:44
[09:01:34] (699) Drake (enter): 21:01
[09:01:45] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (699) Drake...
[09:02:50] (699) Drake: Crap...he's too big
[09:02:51] (700) Todoh (enter): 21:02
[09:03:04] (700) Todoh: yo guys
[09:03:19] (698) GM's Friend: You can resize him. 60 is the right size
[09:03:32] (699) Drake: Hi
[09:03:34] (698) GM's Friend: That your character for tonight Drake?
[09:03:53] (699) Drake: Yes
[09:03:56] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (700) Todoh...
[09:04:48] (698) GM's Friend: Alright. We'll start now. Kyle's player is flaking on us.... bleh.
[09:05:07] (700) Todoh: ok
[09:05:25] (698) GM's Friend: Quick recap. Each of you gains 1 experience point.
[09:05:32] (698) GM's Friend: (I'll eventually post them)
[09:06:00] (698) GM's Friend: Each of you gains +2 Glory. Drake, Gain 1 honor.
[09:06:18] (698) GM's Friend: The renown is of course, temporary.
[09:06:24] (698) GM's Friend: Congrats!
[09:06:26] (699) Drake: [1d8] => [2] = (2)
[09:06:30] (699) Drake: ok
[09:06:53] (698) GM's Friend: Now, we'll start where we left off...
[09:09:56] (698) GM's Friend: Weasel-face has lead you to what passes for an office... a cellar littered with crates that are doing a good impression of chairs at the moment. "As I said, I need a team like the three of you to acquire some property that was stolen from me. I'd go do it myself, but I'm too well known. *snarf*. Interested?"
[09:11:22] (699) Drake: Drake uses his Insight to see what kind of man this 'Weasel' is?
[09:11:27] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [4d10.vs(6)] => [4,4,5,2] = (0)
[09:11:56] (700) Todoh: Todoh too uses his insight
[09:12:21] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [3d10.vs(6)] => [8,7,8] = (3)
[09:12:49] whispering to Drake, You can't read Weasel-face
[09:13:18] (699) Drake: Drake ponders the question a momemt and states "I would be happy to help you regain what was stolen from you...but wouldn't the police be a better avenue for this?"
[09:13:53] whispering to Todoh, Weasel face poses tough, but in actuallity he's scared. His constant sniffing, his attempt to recruit newcomers to the streetfighter scene
[09:14:14] (698) GM's Friend: it all points to desperation. Something has Weasel-face running scared.
[09:14:38] (698) GM's Friend: Heh. That last part was for you todoh. fail.
[09:14:47] (700) Todoh: (fail)
[09:15:24] (700) Todoh: Todoh stares sternly at Weasel Face and asks, "What kind of property are we looking at here?"
[09:17:02] (698) GM's Friend: 'The police can't recover what isn't supposed to exist. *snarf* The property in question are a series of files, programs, and a data disk. "
[09:17:43] (698) GM's Friend: "I don't really have proof that the files are mine... let's leave it at that."
[09:17:52] (698) GM's Friend: *snarf*
[09:18:33] (698) GM's Friend: (But Lion-0!)
[09:19:39] (698) GM's Friend: "So... Can you lot help me out?"
[09:20:41] (698) GM's Friend: Kyle shrugs his shoulders. I'm collecting my winnings and going home. I've had my fun for the day. Time to feed the kangaroo..." With that he departs the cellar.
[09:21:04] (699) Drake: Drake sees that this man is desperate. "I'll agree to help you with this. I need some information on those who stole these files from you."
[09:23:26] (700) Todoh: "Let's not jump so hastily, my friend. I wonder if there's anything to 'help us along' this quest...it seems it could be dangerous..."
[09:25:28] (698) GM's Friend: "Obviously you'll be paid. I can do that. This all has to be kept quiet. My ring here isn't exactly official. The 'gig I got here is kind of on the DL. The official ring is run by Donny Kosmond. He keeps a stable of boxers. All official fights around here go through him. Some how he got a list of my contributors. I can't let those get out.
[09:25:36] (698) GM's Friend: *snarf*
[09:27:28] (700) Todoh: "Interesting. I'm in. We'll get you those files...
[09:27:30] (700) Todoh: "
[09:27:41] (698) GM's Friend: "Donny doesn't play around. If he knows about my backers he'll... apply pressure. I'll pay you each a thousand up front. In addition, I'll put your name around. Give you some free publicity."
[09:28:30] (699) Drake: I'm sorry Mr. ...I don't even know your proper name.
[09:29:25] (699) Drake: In any case what will stop Mr. Kosmond from coming after those files after we hand them over to you...with the help of his boxers?
[09:29:34] (698) GM's Friend: *snarf* "My name is Arthur. To most I'm known as Weasel."
[09:30:21] (699) Drake: Alright. Arthur. I'm happy to help in any case. Where can Mr. Kosmond be found?
[09:30:43] (700) Todoh: Arthur-san, I will assist as well.
[09:32:29] (698) GM's Friend: *snarf* "Ideally you'll keep your escapades tonight subtle. That should keep most of the heat off me. I can handle the rest. Kosmond has headquarters at the Chessera Riviera Hotel. He's rented the 8th floor for the last year. If he has the files they'll be there."
[09:33:05] (698) GM's Friend: (Chessera Riviera... totally legit. Not made up at all.)
[09:34:23] (698) GM's Friend: "The 8th floor requires special access though. Key cards and the like. You'll have to find some way to get one of those, or break in some other way."
[09:35:15] (699) Drake: Then to the Chessera it is. As for getting in 'Fortune favours the bold.' I'm sure something will present itself.
[09:35:54] (700) Todoh: "Got it. We'll find those files and hopefully some empty halls on the 8th floor, though I'm not optimistic." Todoh laughs
[09:36:31] (698) GM's Friend: "Good luck. I'll be around here, or in the arena, handling business. Ask around and you should be able to find me. You know the way out."
[09:36:47] (698) GM's Friend: (Off to the Chessera?)
[09:36:57] (700) Todoh: (Head out!)
[09:37:06] (699) Drake: Drake gets into his street clothes and heads out with Todoh.
[09:37:26] (698) GM's Friend: (Oky Doky. Plans on the approach?)
[09:38:02] (699) Drake: First Drake heads to a phone booth and looks up where this place is in the yellow pages.
[09:38:59] (698) GM's Friend: As it turns out, the Chessera is a few blocks away. A few back alley turns, and you're there. Who knew the undercity combined so well with the Posh?
[09:39:04] (699) Drake: Btw what city are we in?
[09:39:21] (698) GM's Friend: San Diego
[09:39:55] (700) Todoh: As Drake searches the Yellow Pages for the totally legit Chessera Riviera, Todoh remarks, "Well friend, I've never been any good at this nighttime sneaking business. I would bust in and let them come, if I could."
[09:41:36] (699) Drake: As he peruses the yellow pages Drake remarks. "I've spent the last nine years of my life devoted to honing my art under an honourable master. Breaking and entering aren't exactly things I've really persued myself.
[09:42:31] (700) Todoh: "I've spent the better part of my life following the honorable path as well. But funny we find ourselves in such situations, eh?"
[09:43:30] (699) Drake: Still I will look at this as a challenge...and besides I'm sure are some point in tonights escapades we will come face to face with fighting men who wish to hurt us.
[09:44:19] (699) Drake: When we get to the hotel Drake takes a walk around the place hoping for a fire escape that will go to the 8th floor.
[09:45:02] (698) GM's Friend: The two of you turn a corner, out of an alleyway, and spot the Hotel. It's obviously classy. A valet is taking the keys to a patron's Jag. In your current clothes, you stick out a bit. Flashy and classy seem to be the words of the day.
[09:46:12] (698) GM's Friend: (next to the building, or examinging it from afar?)
[09:46:40] (699) Drake: Start from afar and if nothing presents itself move in a little closer.
[09:46:58] (698) GM's Friend: There are fire escapes, on every side but the main entrance. They're readily apparent.
[09:47:50] (699) Drake: I think we should head to the fireescape with the fewest people around it.
[09:48:11] (700) Todoh: Sounds like a good idea.
[09:48:28] (698) GM's Friend: Make a stealth roll. Stealth + wits.
[09:48:44] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [5d10.vs(6)] => [4,4,10,4,7] = (2)
[09:48:58] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [2d10.vs(6)] => [3,10] = (1)
[09:51:08] (698) GM's Friend: The two of you manage to sneak around the back without attracting any attention. The fire escape is deserted (no midnight fires here). As you reach the 8th floor, however you find its locked electronically, and needs a keycard.
[09:51:41] (699) Drake: Is the door solid or is there a window?
[09:51:49] (700) Todoh: Was just gonna ask
[09:54:28] (698) GM's Friend: The door is solid steel. No windows in the door. There are windows in the building, but no where near the fire escape. They appear to far to jump to from the fire escape.
[09:54:58] (699) Drake: Drake knocks hard on the door.
[09:55:32] (699) Drake: Note: not breaking it...just expecting someone to answer.
[09:55:54] (698) GM's Friend: No answer.
[09:57:43] (698) GM's Friend: (Defeated by no one answering said door?)
[09:57:56] (700) Todoh: (thinking)
[09:57:57] (699) Drake: (Not yet)
[09:58:14] (699) Drake: Drake knocks again.
[09:58:20] (700) Todoh: "Perhaps we'd have better luck on another fire escape?"
[09:58:43] (699) Drake: Sure. Why not.
[09:58:56] (700) Todoh: This one seem cramped to me anyway!
[09:59:26] (698) GM's Friend: (which side?)
[09:59:32] (700) Todoh: Back
[09:59:43] (699) Drake: We could just go to the concierge and state that we were told to meet Mr. Kosmond
[09:59:58] (698) GM's Friend: (you're at the back. We'll call it south. East or west?)
[10:00:22] (699) Drake: Drake folllows Todoh around back. (another stealth roll?)
[10:00:25] (700) Todoh: Let's try the escape, east
[10:00:33] (698) GM's Friend: Yes. please.
[10:00:42] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [2d10.vs(6)] => [4,10] = (1)
[10:00:54] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [5d10.vs(6)] => [8,8,1,8,10] = (4)
[10:01:55] (698) GM's Friend: You don't attract any attention. This fireescape exit is also locked via keycard.
[10:02:19] (700) Todoh: "It looks like the direct approach might be in order."
[10:03:06] (699) Drake: So you wish to go downstairs and take the elevator to his floor?
[10:03:31] (700) Todoh: I suspect that will be barred as well
[10:03:45] (700) Todoh: Perhaps the concierge would be our way in
[10:04:09] (699) Drake: Drake wonders how much it would cost to replace a fancy keylock door.
[10:04:15] (700) Todoh: Though I'm sure him and his stable will be alarmed by this late a call.
[10:05:06] (699) Drake: Drake looks through his pockets fora way to pick this lock.
[10:06:01] (698) GM's Friend: (Pick a card swipe? This should be fun)
[10:06:18] (699) Drake: He muses out loud. Perhaps if we bribed one of the workers?
[10:07:25] (700) Todoh: "THere are probably only a few people allowed to work with this man's floor, but it might be worth trying
[10:07:45] (700) Todoh: "Let's examine the lobby, maybe we'll find out something there."
[10:07:51] (699) Drake: Al
[10:07:56] (699) Drake: Alright
[10:09:43] (698) GM's Friend: The lobby is bustling. You both stick out like a sore thumb (trying to keep a low profile still?). There're several people at the front desk. Elevators down the hall, and people bustling every which way
[10:10:47] (699) Drake: Actually I don't try and blend in...its absolutely no use.
[10:10:57] (700) Todoh: (I'm large and fat)
[10:11:07] (700) Todoh: (and Asian)
[10:11:24] (698) GM's Friend: People throw the two of you slightly puzzled looks (mingled with disgust).
[10:11:39] (699) Drake: I'm a large muscular man with silvery white hair...probably not many like me around.
[10:11:56] (700) Todoh: (white hair eh, you're definitely a main character in this show)
[10:12:39] (699) Drake: (I thought that was Ryu or maybe Ken)
[10:12:47] (700) Todoh: Todoh laughs, "These high-minded folks don't quite like us. Should we get out of their way and check out the elevators?"
[10:13:29] (699) Drake: Alright. To the elevators
[10:13:36] (700) Todoh: (we're like a spin off to their main show)
[10:14:58] (698) GM's Friend: As you approach the elevators, you notice a normal set of doors, set of two, and a more discrete door set off to the side. A keycard-swipe sits next to the discrete-door.
[10:16:09] (699) Drake: I believe that the keyswipe lock will be the bane of my existence.
[10:16:30] (698) GM's Friend: (rofl)
[10:16:38] (700) Todoh: Todoh, in a hushed tone, "Ignore it for now, keep it mind. Let's hit that elevator."
[10:17:08] (698) GM's Friend: As you enter the unlocked elevators you notic the floors are only numbered to 7.
[10:17:26] (700) Todoh: As I expected...
[10:18:00] (700) Todoh: Todoh exits the elevator and approaches the two doors.
[10:18:20] (699) Drake: We go to 7. In hushed tones. "I think we are going to try the air vents....ok I'll try the air-vent and find a way for you to get up.'
[10:18:42] (700) Todoh: (heh, i jumped the gun there)
[10:19:02] (700) Todoh: (I'll just join you, wait for me!)
[10:19:53] (700) Todoh: Todoh reenters the elevators and is off to the 7th floor to join Drake.
[10:21:20] (698) GM's Friend: As the two of you exit the elevator on the 7th floor, you're in a hallway, exteneding in either direction left and right. Rooms are on either side of the passage. To your right, at the end of the hallway, you can se signs for an ice machine.
[10:22:16] (700) Todoh: (Is the vent a workable plan for us given my significant...girth?)
[10:22:23] (698) GM's Friend: You catch sight of one of the air vents. It's much too small for a person.
[10:22:32] (700) Todoh: (I guess not)
[10:23:25] (700) Todoh: Let's check those doors downstairs for way in.
[10:23:35] (699) Drake: ok
[10:24:41] (698) GM's Friend: Make a Streetwise + wits check please.
[10:24:57] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [3d10.vs(6)] => [9,3,5] = (1)
[10:24:57] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [5d10.vs(6)] => [10,8,1,2,9] = (3)
[10:25:36] (698) GM's Friend: Ok. The two of you go exploring?
[10:26:25] (699) Drake: Yes. I look for doors that the staff might have access to that don't have keylocks.
[10:26:59] (698) GM's Friend: As you walk through the hotel, avoiding attention for the most part, you see alot of guest rooms. Apparently thats what hotels are for. Eventually you come across a door marked "Staff Only".
[10:27:18] (700) Todoh: (where are we right now?)
[10:27:31] (699) Drake: Ok. Listen in for a sec and try it. Will try to pick it if necessary.
[10:27:34] (698) GM's Friend: (First floor, wandering around)
[10:27:52] (700) Todoh: (mm)
[10:28:02] (698) GM's Friend: (listening at the door, you can just make out a faint humming)
[10:28:16] (700) Todoh: Todoh discreetly attempts to open the door.
[10:28:30] (698) GM's Friend: (big fat man being sneaky?)
[10:28:37] (698) GM's Friend: The door is unlocked.
[10:28:43] (698) GM's Friend: Open it?
[10:28:46] (699) Drake: Its new thats why it will work.
[10:28:53] (700) Todoh: (hehe)
[10:29:06] (700) Todoh: Yea, why not, we're lost at this point.
[10:29:11] (699) Drake: Drake looks for any kind of alarm sensor that might go off.
[10:29:25] (698) GM's Friend: ( no signs of sensors)
[10:29:56] (700) Todoh: Todoh looks around once and opens the door slightly to view inside.
[10:33:21] (698) GM's Friend: As the door swings open you see a darkened security room. Two guards stare at the monitors, munching on some nachos to kill the time. Both guards, startled by the inlet of light, turn to the door and see you. Perception + Alertness Checks.
[10:33:47] (698) GM's Friend: vs. difficulty 7.
[10:33:48] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [3d10.vs(6)] => [5,2,4] = (0)
[10:33:50] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [5d10.vs(6)] => [10,10,7,9,5] = (4)
[10:34:23] (700) Todoh: (well, got 4 anyway)
[10:34:49] (699) Drake: (good one)
[10:34:57] whispering to Todoh, 10 rows of monitors, shot from both sides of a hallway, and the iceroom at each floor. The 8th floor shows a smaller hallway, and a gym. Two guards are in the hallway. A large boxer and some men are working out in the 8th floor gym.
[10:35:00] (700) Todoh: (first good roll of the game for me)
[10:35:45] (698) GM's Friend: Both guards turn to the door. "Hey... You two. What are you doing?"
[10:37:03] (699) Drake: Drake makes a show of getting his eyes adjusted to the dark. "Sorry. Gentlemen. I was looking for the...uh, bathroom."
[10:37:05] (700) Todoh: Todoh whispers, "A quick takedown?"
[10:37:16] whispering to Todoh, You also notice keycards strapped to the belts of the security guards.
[10:37:39] (699) Drake: "Ok."
[10:37:45] (700) Todoh: Todoh quickly rumbles towards the guards!
[10:38:32] (700) Todoh: (typical battle time?)
[10:39:11] (698) GM's Friend: Yes. Choose maneuvers.
[10:43:07] (699) Drake: Drake sighs. "Again. My apologies." As he heads into battle.
[10:43:44] (698) GM's Friend: One of the guards charges forward, drawing a baton saying, "You're not patrons.... Donny'll want to be meeting you." The other reaches for a phone. Interrupts?
[10:44:04] (700) Todoh: Interrupting
[10:44:17] (700) Todoh: Todoh, quick on his feet, moves to the guard with the phone!
[10:44:19] (700) Todoh: and JABS!
[10:44:39] (700) Todoh: (which one is he?)
[10:44:43] (699) Drake: Drake thinks to himself. Isn't this what we want. To meet Donny.
[10:44:53] (698) GM's Friend: sure. The guard aborts to block.
[10:45:12] (700) Todoh: (ill just assume thats him)
[10:45:24] (700) Todoh: (sigh)
[10:45:33] (698) GM's Friend: (Fail).
[10:45:41] (698) GM's Friend: Combat: Block SPD: 7 Soak: 4 MV: 0
[10:45:57] (700) Todoh: dmg 9
[10:46:05] (698) GM's Friend: roll 5
[10:46:09] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [5d10.vs(6)] => [8,10,1,3,6] = (3)
[10:46:14] (700) Todoh: so, 2?
[10:46:24] (698) GM's Friend: You deal 3 damage.
[10:46:34] (700) Todoh: what about the 1?
[10:46:48] (698) GM's Friend: Ahh. no. You're right.
[10:46:58] (700) Todoh: yea, not cool
[10:47:06] (698) GM's Friend: 2 damage it is.
[10:47:11] (700) Todoh: k
[10:47:52] (698) GM's Friend: The phone falls off the hook, no number dialed. The other guard raises his baton to Todoh.
[10:48:01] (698) GM's Friend: Combat: Baton SPD: 4 DMG: 5 MV:0
[10:48:08] (700) Todoh: Soak 4
[10:48:17] (698) GM's Friend: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [1d10.vs(6)] => [7] vs 6 result of (1)
[10:48:21] (699) Drake: Drake interrupts him with a Forward Kick
[10:48:32] (698) GM's Friend: sure. Damage?
[10:48:42] (699) Drake: Forward: Speed: 5 Damage: 10 MV: 0
[10:48:53] (698) GM's Friend: Soak 3.
[10:49:02] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [7d10.vs(6)] => [3,6,9,3,8,3,2] = (3)
[10:49:24] (698) GM's Friend: Actually. Its soak 2. My bad.
[10:49:36] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [8d10.vs(6)] => [5,4,7,7,10,9,9,6] = (6)
[10:49:52] (700) Todoh: (much better)
[10:49:57] (698) GM's Friend: The Forward Kick knocks the guard out.
[10:50:12] (699) Drake: (See what happens when you don't hit the gym)
[10:50:23] (698) GM's Friend: (heh)
[10:50:33] (698) GM's Friend: new round.
[10:50:34] (700) Todoh: (We'll be hitting the gym when we get to that floor damnit)
[10:51:46] (698) GM's Friend: Todoh. Go.
[10:52:41] (700) Todoh: Todoh moves to jab the guard again!
[10:52:53] (700) Todoh: RIGHT PALM THRUST!
[10:52:58] (698) GM's Friend: The guard interrepts.
[10:53:09] (698) GM's Friend: Combat: Baton FIERCE DESPERATION SPD: 4 DMG: 8 MV:0
[10:53:15] (699) Drake: Drake inter
[10:53:19] (698) GM's Friend: (actually on speed 6)
[10:53:25] (699) Drake: interrupts the guard
[10:53:33] (699) Drake: Forward: Speed: 5 Damage: 10 MV: 0
[10:53:44] (698) GM's Friend: Sure. Soak 2.
[10:53:49] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [8d10.vs(6)] => [8,2,9,3,5,1,1,4] = (2)
[10:54:05] (698) GM's Friend: (Fail my friend)
[10:54:13] (698) GM's Friend: Drake's kick goes wide!
[10:54:22] (700) Todoh: Soak 4
[10:54:31] (700) Todoh: baton desperation, HIT ME!
[10:54:51] (698) GM's Friend: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [4d10.vs(6)] => [4,5,10,5] vs 6 result of (1)
[10:55:00] (698) GM's Friend: Take 1. meh
[10:55:15] (698) GM's Friend: Then jab.
[10:55:16] (700) Todoh: Todoh laughs off the attack and continues with his RIGHT PALM THRUST!
[10:55:18] (700) Todoh: dmg 9
[10:55:24] (698) GM's Friend: soak 2.
[10:55:35] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [7d10.vs(6)] => [8,5,1,10,2,5,7] = (3)
[10:55:40] (700) Todoh: sigh
[10:55:43] (700) Todoh: take 2
[10:56:14] (698) GM's Friend: New Round.
[10:56:19] (699) Drake: (at least you dented him a little)
[10:56:32] (700) Todoh: (true)
[10:57:17] (698) GM's Friend: Todoh. Go.
[10:57:51] (700) Todoh: Todoh, tired of the baton wielding guard, moves to grab the opponent with a powerful Bear Hug!
[10:58:10] (698) GM's Friend: Guard interrupts, making a run for the door.
[10:58:22] (698) GM's Friend: Combat: Movement SPD: 6 Move: 4
[10:59:44] (699) Drake: Drake interrupts with a jab
[10:59:44] (699) Drake: Jab: Speed: 7 Damage: 6 MV: 1
[10:59:45] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [4d10.vs(6)] => [5,7,7,7] = (3)
[11:00:24] (698) GM's Friend: The guard goes down hard.
[11:00:35] (698) GM's Friend: Victory!
[11:00:59] (700) Todoh: Nice punch Drake!
[11:01:13] (699) Drake: Drake looks down to make sure that these men aren't too hurt. Then he takes their security passess.
[11:01:25] (699) Drake: Thanks Todoh
[11:01:54] (698) GM's Friend: On the guards you find security passes. Do you check their walllets?
[11:02:13] (698) GM's Friend: They also have ID's.
[11:02:23] (699) Drake: Well not for money...but for anything that will get us easier access
[11:02:27] (700) Todoh: Let's take their ID's in case of emergency.
[11:02:28] (700) Todoh: yea
[11:02:35] (698) GM's Friend: (though you couldn't pass for either of them).
[11:02:42] (700) Todoh: No money necessary, we're not planning on tstaying the night.
[11:02:59] (698) GM's Friend: Heh. Passes it is. Anything else?
[11:03:47] (699) Drake: Look at the security cameras to see the layout upstairs.
[11:03:52] (700) Todoh: Yea
[11:04:03] (700) Todoh: "Seems like they've got a bevy of guys there."
[11:04:04] (699) Drake: Oh and tie the guards up with their ties
[11:06:11] (698) GM's Friend: From what you can see, the 8th floor has a main hallway with a fire escape and elevator on opposite sides. Two guards patrol the hallway. The sound proofed gym is opens on the right. Offices doors are located on the elevator's left.
[11:07:01] (698) GM's Friend: The gym has a large boxer and a few other men working out.
[11:07:17] (699) Drake: Drake takes a look at the controls the guards have hear at their station. Is there anything he could do to turn off alarms, etc.?
[11:07:32] (698) GM's Friend: The offices are not under survellance (you don't know whats in them. You do know there's three.
[11:07:45] (698) GM's Friend: (3 seperate doors)
[11:08:10] (700) Todoh: Let's go to that keycard door, that should lead the way.
[11:08:28] (698) GM's Friend: There do not appear to be any active alarms.
[11:08:33] (699) Drake: ok.
[11:09:21] (699) Drake: Back to the elevator...the fancy shmancy ones this time.
[11:09:23] (698) GM's Friend: How are you getting to the 8th floor?
[11:09:46] (700) Todoh: Hold on, the door near the elevator
[11:09:59] (700) Todoh: Let's hit that
[11:10:12] (699) Drake: yeah the one with the keylock on it.
[11:10:13] (700) Todoh: With these keycards!
[11:10:52] (698) GM's Friend: So...the lobby elevators?
[11:11:01] (699) Drake: yes
[11:11:06] (700) Todoh: yea
[11:11:20] (698) GM's Friend: Stealth + wits check. DC 7
[11:11:48] (700) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [2d10.vs(7)] => [10,6] = (1)
[11:11:48] (699) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [5d10.vs(7)] => [1,1,7,1,6] = (1)
[11:12:00] (700) Todoh: yikes, utter fail for Drake
[11:12:08] (699) Drake: Well that didn't go to well
[11:13:23] (698) GM's Friend: As you guys slide key cards into 'Locked' elevator and the door starts to open, you notice guards start to approach you. What do you do?
[11:13:54] (699) Drake: Hope that the elevator doors open
[11:14:13] (699) Drake: Turn to face the guards if they don't
[11:14:13] (700) Todoh: Enter the elevator without engaging
[11:14:27] (700) Todoh: yea, kinda have to do that
[11:16:28] (698) GM's Friend: You both enter the elevators, and the doors close before the guards can reach you. Assuming you slam the 8th floor dial, the elevator begins to go upwards. As the doors close, you can see the guards reaching for their radios.
[11:16:44] (698) GM's Friend: TO BE CONTINUED
[11:16:55] (700) Todoh: Good stuff tonight
[11:17:07] (698) GM's Friend: Good place to end it. Do you guys want to try another session before sunday?
[11:17:35] (699) Drake: Cool....but not Friday. I'm going to see Star Wars on Friday.
[11:17:41] (700) Todoh: Nice
[11:17:44] (700) Todoh: i hope its good
[11:17:54] (700) Todoh: I'd be good for any day
[11:18:36] (698) GM's Friend: Nice. Hmm. If no one's doing anything saturday, I'm good I believe. Thursday i've got plans. (Should be switched, but ahh well)
[11:18:51] (700) Todoh: Saturday sounds good
[11:19:00] (699) Drake: for me as well
[11:19:15] (698) GM's Friend: Alrighty, Saturday at 9 then.
[11:19:21] (700) Todoh: ok
[11:19:32] (699) Drake: ok
[11:19:35] (698) GM's Friend: You guys get another xp point for this session.
[11:19:46] (698) GM's Friend: I'll actually have it up this time. hehe.