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Roleplay Refugees

Roleplay Refugees was founded by a group of roleplayers.   The name was chosen due to the foundation and evolution from Web RPG.  When Web RPG went pay-to-play a series of years back, many of us lost a home forever.   That home was never again replaced with any specific program.  We needed something to tie us together still, and keep the games going.   That is what the Roleplay Refugees forum was designed for.   I'm willing to host dedicated rooms for people up to a specific undefined maximum.   If you wish to host your game on our server, you may do so without feeling the need to ask.   If you wish to lurk or play on our server, you may do so as well.  Enjoy.

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Balin supports the Indie Press Revolution

We are looking to premote a few game systems that we enjoy the concept of, but do not have experts who can GM the system. If anyone visiting here likes the idea of hosting one of the following games as a GM to help spread the influence of their favorite game system, please let me know!

New World of Darkness, Exalted, Burning Wheel, Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon, In Nomine, 7th Sea, Legend of the Five Rings, Shadowrun 4th Edition, Cyberpunk 3rd edition and BESM.

ORPG Roleplay Refugees Staff:
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Do you host a game on Roleplay Refugees Server?  Would you like to get your game listed on the on the Active Campaigns or Schedule on the forums? Or perhaps you want a dedicated room for your game?  Contact Balin or any of the RR GM's for details.  Feel free to join us at the Roleplay Refugees Forum.

[08:45:46] (858) Storm Wolf (enter): 20:45
[08:45:47] (859) Drax (enter): 20:45
[08:45:47] (871) noct (enter): 20:45
[08:45:52] (858) Storm Wolf: *Kicks the GM's friend.*
[08:46:00] (871) noct: lol
[08:46:02] (871) noct: be nice
[08:46:04] Moving to room 'Streetfighter'..
[08:46:04] (894) GM's Friend (enter): 20:46
[09:02:22] (897) Drake (enter): 21:02
[09:02:31] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (897) Drake...
[09:22:14] (904) Todoh (enter): 21:22
[09:22:20] (904) Todoh: hello yall
[09:22:38] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (904) Todoh...
[09:22:49] (894) GM's Friend: As you enter the Mr. Kosmond's hallway on the 8th floor of the hotel, files in hand, the sense of success is upon you, only moderately dampened by Samsons muffled sobs off to your right. Currently he's curled up in a fetal position, quietly crying to himself. The hallway also contains the unconcious bodies of 6 guards. Yang disappeared sometime during the fight with the hotel goons. As your thoughts turn to getting your hard one files to Arthur the Weasel-Face, you hear the sound of of approaching sirens...
[09:22:52] (897) Drake: Hey
[09:23:13] (894) GM's Friend: What Do You Do?
[09:23:35] (897) Drake: I think it is time to leave
[09:24:19] (904) Todoh: Yes, it may be time to bail here!
[09:24:28] (897) Drake: Drake looks over to Todoh. 'The fire escape?'
[09:24:44] (904) Todoh: "That might be best, even for my hefty stature!"
[09:25:29] (894) GM's Friend: (So... Heading down the fire escape?)
[09:25:32] (897) Drake: Ok then, the fire escape it is. Drake takes a look outside hoping that the authorities aren't already on the way up.
[09:26:27] (894) GM's Friend: No one is outside. This Fire escape opens to the back of the hotel. Currently its empty.
[09:26:48] (897) Drake: Then we make haste and head outside
[09:26:52] (897) Drake: and down
[09:27:02] (904) Todoh: Well then, away we GO!" Todoh yells out in an almost glee-like fashion
[09:28:35] (894) GM's Friend: The way back to Weasel Face is towards past the front of the Hotel. As you orient yourselves....
[09:29:22] (897) Drake: I walk with no particular rush...just going about my business away from the hotel.
[09:29:32] (894) GM's Friend: (Perception + Alertness checks)
[09:29:55] (897) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [3d10.vs(6)] => [9,1,2] = (1)
[09:30:01] (904) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [5d10.vs(6)] => [2,6,8,5,5] = (2)
[09:30:50] whispering to Todoh, You can tell the police have arrived, pulling up to the front of the Hotel.
[09:31:46] (894) GM's Friend: So, How do you proceed?
[09:31:48] (904) Todoh: Watch the front
[09:31:58] (904) Todoh: The police are around.
[09:32:08] (904) Todoh: We might want to sneak the backways, if possible
[09:32:55] (897) Drake: Drake considers the zen of a sumo and the concept of sneaking....
[09:33:33] (904) Todoh: Todoh, wise and aware as always, glares at Drake for his snide thoughts
[09:33:40] (894) GM's Friend: The back of the hotel is slightly elevated... a short fence surrounds the parking lot... nothing that would deter anyone however.
[09:33:43] (904) Todoh: Perhaps around the surrounding building
[09:34:16] (904) Todoh: "I'm not happy with the elevation, but that will do."
[09:34:48] (897) Drake: Drake suggests hopping the fence as it will at least hide them as they make their way away from this spot.
[09:35:32] (904) Todoh: Todoh agrees.
[09:36:08] (894) GM's Friend: Dexterity + Stealth checks?
[09:36:24] (897) Drake: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [6d10.vs(6)] => [9,8,5,8,6,2] = (4)
[09:36:43] (894) GM's Friend: (Drake be stealthy)
[09:36:44] (904) Todoh: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [2d10.vs(6)] => [4,9] = (1)
[09:37:09] (894) GM's Friend: Ability/Skill/Contested Dice Roller: [4d10.vs(6)] => [10,2,9,1] vs 6 result of (1)
[09:37:09] (897) Drake: Its all that milk he drinks. Does a body good you know.
[09:38:13] (894) GM's Friend: Both of you make it over the fence, catching a glimpse of the cops storming into the front of the building.
[09:38:55] (897) Drake: Drake maintains a steady but not paniced pace back to the weasily manager.
[09:39:03] (904) Todoh: Todoh barely clears the difficult vertical leap (for himself at least) and shuffles away with a sigh of relief.
[09:40:47] (894) GM's Friend: From here you make it back to Weasel's place, with no further complications. As you make your way through the shabby warehouse, you catch sigh of Weasel, "Fixing" his ring. Glancing up, he spies you "Back so soon? Did you get the files?"
[09:41:14] (897) Drake: Yes we did.
[09:41:28] (897) Drake: Drake hands him the files.
[09:42:34] (894) GM's Friend: Arthur eagerly grabs the files, and flips through them, before letting out a sigh of relief. "Thanks... You guys have really saved me... and my backers."
[09:43:34] (894) GM's Friend: "Um... I can't pay you at the moment... I'm a little low on funds. This Friday is Fight night however... I'll have it then."
[09:44:21] (897) Drake: I see. Well then, this Friday it is.
[09:45:11] (894) GM's Friend: Embarrassed, he forges on, "But, I'll tell you what... I'll waive the entree Fees if you'd like to fight on Friday. How's that sound?"
[09:45:39] (897) Drake: That sounds fair.
[09:45:53] (904) Todoh: Hmmm," Todoh is suddenly intrigued, "Sounds like fun!"
[09:48:34] (894) GM's Friend: A little relieved, Weasel walks over to a pile of crates sits down, and motions for you two to do the same. Producing a bottle of scotch, and three dirty glasses, seemingly from no where (unless he keeps his scotch behind empty crates!) "So Tell me how it went!"
[09:48:44] (897) Drake: Drake not wanting to embarrass the man states, "Arthur. Instead of paying me the money why don't I hire you as my proper manager? You can use the money to buy a computer...or whatever it is that a manager needs to spend money on."
[09:48:49] (894) GM's Friend: He pours each of you a shot.
[09:49:43] (904) Todoh: Todoh takes the glass happily, eyeing the two men with interest.
[09:50:29] (897) Drake: Drake taks the shot and puts it down. "As well as one can imagine. We entered the hotel and had to deal with security in order to get a swipe pass to the protected 8th floor.'
[09:50:33] (894) GM's Friend: "Hmm... Your manager? I suppose we could work out something. I certainly owe the two of you... First, how did you guys get into Donny Kosmond's Suite."
[09:51:10] (897) Drake: Then we faced off against two men in Donny's stable...we even befriended them.
[09:51:41] (897) Drake: After that we only had to deal with about six more guards before grabbing your files and fleeing the police.
[09:51:49] (894) GM's Friend: "Oh... Really?" Arthur starts to get nervous. "So you guys got into a fight with security? Did they catch you on camera?"
[09:51:49] (904) Todoh: They seemed like good people, surprisingly. Differred from my idea of them from your description.
[09:52:22] (897) Drake: I believe that we turned the cameras off before heading up there
[09:53:01] (904) Todoh: Heh, I don't quite remember myself. We did take the guards in the room down, that I know.
[09:53:08] (894) GM's Friend: "Whew. Good thinking! Which of Donny Kosmond's fighters did you run into?"
[09:54:19] (897) Drake: Two men, one by the name of Yang Qin and the other a big fellow
[09:54:41] (897) Drake: named samson
[09:56:08] (894) GM's Friend: Weasel's eyebrows go up. "You two took on Samson and Qin? They're tough customers. Samson is dumb as a post, but his left hook is like a truck."
[09:56:55] (897) Drake: Drake looks over to Todoh. 'Top rate fighters
[09:56:58] (904) Todoh: Yes, yes, I can attest to that, Todoh exclaims as he takes a swig of his drink
[09:57:25] (904) Todoh: That dummy knocked me out cold, after I danced around him for days.
[09:57:39] (904) Todoh: Me, dance, you can see how that fits, right?
[09:58:16] (897) Drake: Drake nods...'It was definately in interesting display of tactics.
[09:58:19] (894) GM's Friend: *Snarf* " There's an opportunity here... I owe you boys big. I'll spread the word around, quiet like that you guys fought Qin and Samson to a standstill. You both are interested in fighting on Friday Right?"
[09:59:19] (897) Drake: Drake smiles. "Its my dream to be one of the best Street Fighters. So yes, I'll fight on Friday."
[09:59:58] (894) GM's Friend: A worry frown crosses his brow. "You guys don't mind fighting individually right?"
[10:00:06] (904) Todoh: No problem
[10:00:24] (904) Todoh: All the better. I feel rusty, and a little ashamed of my skills now.
[10:00:26] (897) Drake: That shouldn't be an issue
[10:00:35] (904) Todoh: I need to grab someone on my own!
[10:00:48] (904) Todoh: (not strange at all to yell out in the middle of a crowded area)
[10:01:22] (897) Drake: Drake considers for a while. Can we enter both singles and group fights?
[10:03:57] (894) GM's Friend: Arthur looks thoughtful. "I hadn't planned on running any team fights. I could probably arrange one, call in a few favors. It'd have to take place after the singles tournament though. And if you two got bashed up, you couldn't honorably back out of the team competition..."
[10:04:15] (894) GM's Friend: "It's up to you... *Snarf*"
[10:05:12] (897) Drake: Singles should be fine...no need to call in any favours.
[10:05:14] (904) Todoh: "Hrmmm, might be best to stick to singles. No need to muff up our record in case we lose."
[10:06:06] (894) GM's Friend: "Meh. Thats the safe bet... I don't mind calling in favors for you boys though."
[10:08:40] (894) GM's Friend: "Hmm... It's settled then. You boys will fight on Friday. If you have some money you'd like to lay down on yourselves, bring it with ya." Winking Knowingly. "We''ll make friday a profitable night. I suggest you two lay low till then though. Donny Kosmond won't be happy you both short changed him."
[10:09:32] (894) GM's Friend: "I suspect the police will have your descriptions too, best to stay out of sight for a few days. You guys have a place to stay?"
[10:10:33] (904) Todoh: Hmm, never thought much of that, no we don't.
[10:10:52] (897) Drake: I've never hidden from the police before. I guess I could go home and just train for a few days.
[10:13:50] (894) GM's Friend: *Snarf* "I'll tell ya what. Why don't you guys stay here for a few days." As he gestures to the surrounding ware house, you catch sight of a family of cockroaches making their way outside. You think they stick together because of the neighborhood. "It ain't no Comfort Inn *snarf* but i've got a few extra beds. What do ya say?"
[10:14:38] (897) Drake: Drake smiles and accepts the offer of hospitality.
[10:15:20] whispering to Todoh, How busy are you this week. Can you make another Hour long session tomorrow?
[10:15:43] (904) Todoh: That sounds excellent. Todoh here needs a place to put his large behind
[10:15:50] whispering to Todoh, And the normal time on Sunday?
[10:16:35] (894) GM's Friend: "Excellent! Follow me! we'll make up your quarters!"
[10:17:47] (904) Todoh: Todoh shuffles over to Arthur's side and follows.
[10:18:07] (897) Drake: Drake falls in behind the two men
[10:18:22] (904) Todoh: He thinks to himself "Wow, a rare lodging, though not much different than our past one's, eh?"
[10:20:29] (897) Drake: Drake considers Todoh's words. "No. Sensei always believed the Spartans had it right in their precepts of training..and lodging.'
[10:22:24] (894) GM's Friend: You both tuck in for the night after making up your rooms (Which have turned out to be Large empty crates stacked upon eachother, with shower curtains hung over the front entrance for privacy. Your rooms have the feel of couch forts. ) Comfort Inn this certainly is not. Your mattresses are laid out on the floor. Apparently the warehouse was used by Bed, Bath & Beyond. Weasel generously gifts you both with rubber duckies. As you bid each other good night, and drift off to sleep, you feel content, confident in a bright future, despite your surroundings, and your questionable
[10:22:58] (894) GM's Friend: manager.
[10:24:03] (894) GM's Friend: Do either of you have any plans/fights/excursions you want to do between Today (Wednesday) and Friday?
[10:24:42] (904) Todoh: I do not.
[10:25:25] (897) Drake: Nope...just some honest training....and cleaning up my new living quarters, ring, etc
[10:26:47] (894) GM's Friend: The two days pass, with the two of you sparring off and on, and watching over the warehouse when Weasel goes out. The three of you get along well, and are fast becoming friends. The Two days fly by. Friday night arrives...
[10:27:04] (894) GM's Friend: To Be Continued
[10:27:14] (894) GM's Friend: Alright. We'll wrap it up there.
[10:27:19] (904) Todoh: Ooooooh
[10:27:21] (904) Todoh: ok
[10:27:26] (904) Todoh: sounds good
[10:27:31] (894) GM's Friend: Drake. Can you make it tomorrow night?
[10:27:52] (894) GM's Friend: Sorry for the lack of notice.
[10:28:09] (897) Drake: Not likely I'm virtuallizing a few servers tomorrow.
[10:28:37] (897) Drake: The last one is at 6 PM and it might take a few hours. I'll IM you when I get home though.
[10:29:26] (894) GM's Friend: Hmm. Depends on how long you think it'll take.
[10:30:00] (894) GM's Friend: I don't mind lack of sleep, but I don't know about Todoh or yourself. 10-11:30 would work.
[10:30:34] (897) Drake: I'm just not sure...it shouldn't be more then about 2.5 hours...in which I'll easily make it home by 9 but it could take longer if things don't go well.
[10:30:48] (894) GM's Friend: Otherwise, Sunday works. Also. Everyone gets 2 EXP. and 2 Glory.
[10:30:58] (904) Todoh: nice
[10:30:59] (897) Drake: I'm usually up till about 2 am anyways
[10:31:09] (897) Drake: cool
[10:31:15] (894) GM's Friend: Todoh? How's class for you?
[10:31:31] (904) Todoh: Solid, minus the not going to one this morning
[10:31:45] (894) GM's Friend: I aim to avoid stuff like that :)
[10:31:49] (904) Todoh: hehe
[10:32:04] (904) Todoh: Semester should be OK if I focus, and such
[10:32:04] (894) GM's Friend: It just puts a pressure on the game.
[10:32:12] (894) GM's Friend: And players.
[10:32:13] (904) Todoh: heh
[10:33:00] (894) GM's Friend: Well we'll aim for tomorrow and Sunday then. Short playtimes. 1.5-2 hour sessions.
[10:33:18] (904) Todoh: cool
[10:33:23] (894) GM's Friend: Tonight was a little short, but Yang... is Yang. and Kyle is a flake.
[10:33:50] (897) Drake: sounds good
[10:34:05] (894) GM's Friend: How's M&M going mike?
[10:34:10] (904) Todoh: Small theing to add, the game for M&M I was discussing will be ready to go within a week's time, if anyone is up for it, you guys are welcome to make a guy and send em in
[10:34:19] (904) Todoh: was just gonna mention obv
[10:34:21] (894) GM's Friend: YEA!
[10:34:26] (897) Drake: ok...what is your email?
[10:34:39] (904) Todoh: sfiercex4@gmail.com
[10:34:44] (897) Drake: cool
[10:34:57] (904) Todoh: I'll send a background of the world and such, when I get to flavoring the damnng the
[10:35:00] (904) Todoh: *the damn thing
[10:35:07] (894) GM's Friend: I'll start using Sfierce... I've been sending it to the school email. hehe
[10:35:08] (904) Todoh: Probably ina few day's time
[10:35:11] (897) Drake: mine is menele@rogers.com
[10:35:23] (904) Todoh: Sounds good man
[10:35:38] whispering to Todoh, Get on Aim hoe!
[10:35:54] (904) Todoh: I request that Unger, you save this log, so I can remember this information
[10:36:22] (894) GM's Friend: Always do. It'll be posted on the Streetfighter mailing ring.
[10:36:40] (894) GM's Friend: If i was inclined i'd get my own site... but i'm not.