Looking for a co-host

I'm looking for a co-host. If you think you can do the job and fill the position, you'll be picked to do it. A few (5-7) will be picked randomly first. After the few (5-7,) there will be three to chose from. Whom ever is picked at the end will be chosen to be my co-host. Good luck to those who plan on calling in to enter the contest.

"Tell All" Weekly Series (Any Topic Goes)

Words spoken by Danielle Monero, Greg T., John Bell, Carolina Bermudez, and Elvis Duran
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Airs Monday through Friday sporadically during the day after 10am eastern, 7am pacific and on the weekends
(Check regularly during the day before or at 10am for the day's schedule)
May have a broadcast slightly later than 3pm eastern due to doing out to lunch.

I made this show to be an audio version of the Xena Street Fighter "Tell All" Weekly Series I'm writing which is on my website at http://xenastreetfighterthenextgeneration.com/TellAllWeeklySeries. This radio show is also about society and what it has turned into.

Since I've lived a life of being told "Not say certain things, or say to much" because of everybody else's fear of what might happen, I've finally learned to not care if I'm outspoken and being truthful. I get it from my mother and the life I've lived. Can you blame me? It's always good to be out spoken IF it's reasonable.

When people call in, they can interact on the air and talk about anything they want to within reason. If you have somebody or something to expose, you can do it on the air (Within reason.) You can also talk about past episodes of the "Tell All" Weekly Series I'm writing if you want to. This show is open topic to an extent, but the language is also censored to an extent. If you call in, please be respectful of others who are listening otherwise you will be censored (Verbally) with the mute button.

Listed below with the rest of the future recorded shows is the Xena Street Fighter "Tell All" Weekly Series show Disclaimer and shows schedule topics and what kind of content will be on it when the show airs.

Please check the shows schedule and topics regularly during the day either at, or before 10am in case the show schedule and/or topics change unexpectedly.

Show time schedule
Monday through Friday sporadically during the day for one hour
(Or more depending on what happens during the show)

Xena Street Fighter
"Tell All"
Weekly Series Radio Show
Schedule and topics

Topics for the upcoming radio show on Tuesday October 3, 2007:
(Order of topics may vary)

The upcoming Xena Movie being made, and other topics that might be included about Xena.
Z100 100.3fm Long Island New York Radio station - What it used to be, and what it is now.
Things about the modeling industry, and what it really is (Listener's discretion is advised) - Coincidences and names (Real and fake) will be mentioned.
Street Fighter Alpha Generations, Capcom's version of Gouki/Akuma compared to the real story and anything else about Street Fighter and it's characters.
Cable/DSL theft on TV and the internet, and why people should start stealing.
Anything else that might come up in conversation