“Why use a role-play setting based on a Street Fighter game when you can use a setting based on 5 of them?”

Welcome to my site dedicated to Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, a role-playing game (pen and paper) Published by White Wolf in 1994.

I have had, by far, more fun playing this game than I have had playing any other role-playing game. It’s pulp vibe and fast-paced combat system let you just run with it and have fun instead of getting bogged down under a pile of rules.

And lets face it. The Street Fighter video games, and the early White Wolf game series were some of the most creative and fun franchises ever. Combine the two and it’s solid gold.

This site’s goal is to update the out of print role-playing game (which is based on Street Fighter Two) to include the characters, styles, maneuvers and systems of the other video games in the series (Street Fighters Zero, One, Three and Four).

There are also some useful tools here like; character creation aids, dice/card apps, printable sheets/cards/maps, errata, articles, fonts, etc.

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